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Custom models produced (Rest of the World)

Other Custom models produced so far

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Unless otherwise noted all models are 1/400 scale. Price for a custom model in 1/400 scale produced in quantities of 6 or more start at US $75.00 (depending on current cost of donor model, shipping not included). For lesser quantities or other scales price will depend on cost of donor model, complexity of artwork and time required to produce the custom. Please drop us a note for a proper quote. Kindly note that a pre-payment is required for all custom requests.


Aerolineas Argentinas 747-200 LV-OEP


Armenian A319 EK-RA01

Armavia A319 EK-320074

Armavia A320 EK-32008


Air Aruba 737-200 OO-LTL 1/200 scale

Air Aruba 757-300 G-IEAB 1/200 scale

Air Aruba 767-200 PH-AHM 1/200 scale

Air Aruba DC-9-30 P4-DCA 1/200 scale

Air Aruba Embraer 120 P4-EMA 1/200 scale

Air Aruba MD-88 P4-MDA 1/200 scale

Air Aruba MD-90 P4-MDF 1/200 scale



Sobelair 767-300 Sabena hybrid OO-SBY


ABSA Cargo 767-300 PR-ABD

ABSA Cargo 767-300W


Atlantic Airways (Faroe Islands) Bae-146/RJ-85 OY-RCA

Inter Nord CV-990 OY-ANI

Dominican Republic

Dominicana 727-200 HI-612CA

Dominicana DC-8-30 N72488


Air Sinai 737-200 SU-AYO


Finnair Santa livery MD-82 OH-LMN


Air France 747-400 World Cup Japan F-GEXA

Air France Asie B 747-400 F-GISC


Condor B 747-400 D-ABTD


Olympic Dash 8-100 SX-BIO


Copa Airlines 737-700W HP-1531CMP




Air India Cargo 747-200 N741EV

Air India 747-300 VT-EPW

Indian Airlines A300 VT-EDW

Indian Airlines A320 VT-EYJ

Indian Airlines 737-200 VT-EHH


Merpati Vanguard PK-MVR


AIT Aviation Shorts 360 4X-CGD 

Arkia EMB-195 4X-EMC

Korea (South)

Korean DC-8-63 N8635 & N8636


Kuwait Airways A320 neo 9K-AKI

State of Kuwait A340-500 9K-GBA

State of Kuwait 737-900 9K-GCC


Globe Jet L-1011 OD-MIR

Lebanese Air Force De Havilland Canada T-30 Chipmunk 1/72 scale

Lebanese Air Force Mirage IIIE 1/72 scale

Lebanese Air Force Percival Proctor 1/72 scale

MEA 310-200 Lufthansa hybrid livery D-AICS

MEA 310-200 thin cheat line livery PH-AGE

MEA 310-300 Lebanon 2000 Asian Cup livery F-OHLH

MEA 321 Lebanon 2000 Asian Cup livery F-OHMQ

MEA 707-300 Air France hybrid F-BHSR

MEA 707-300 Double red cheat line with MEA new Q livery OD-AFD

MEA 720 Double red cheat line with MEA livery OD-AGB

MEA 720 Ethiopian hybrid livery ET-AHH

MEA 747-200 Air Canada hybrid livery EI-BPH

MEA 747-200 white 2000 livery N203AE

MEA VC-10 with Ghana Airways logo's 9G-ABP

TMA Trans Mediterranean Airways DC-4 OD-AEA

TMA Trans Mediterranean Airways DC-4 with Craven Filter King Size title OD-AEK

TMA Trans Mediterranean Airways Lockheed C-130H PWA Canada hybrid CF-PWO

Wings of Lebanon 737-200 OD-WOL 


Medavia Dash 8-100 9H-AEW


AeroCalifornia DC-9-30 XA-ADA

AeroMexico 737-800W PH-HZO

Estafeta 737-400 XA-ESF

Mexicana Cargo DC-8-71 N870SJ

New Zealand

NAC National Airways Red cheat line livery 737-200 ZK-NAC

NAC National Airways Wings of the Nation livery ZK-NAC

Russian Federation

Russian Air Force TU-160 (landing gears added) 

San Theodoros (Fantasy country from the book TINTIN et les PICAROS)

SANTAERO B 707-100 ST001 (fantasy model)

SANTAERO B 747-200 ST03 (fantasy model) 


Iberia 747-400 TF-AMB (Fantasy livery)


Royal Swazi F-28 3D-ALN


Flygbra Braathens Bae 146 SE-DST

Linjeflyg CV-440 SE-FUF

Linjeflyg F-28 o/c SE-DGI

Malmo Aviation Bae-146 SE-DRB

Swedair Scandinavian Commuter F-27 LN-BSC


Swissair A310-300 Chocolate belly HB-IPN

The Netherlands

Air Holland 727-200 PH-AHB

Air Holland 737-300 PH-OZA

Air Holland 757-300 PH-AHS

Air Holland 757-300 World Cup livery PH-AHK

Air Holland 767-300 PH-AHR

ArkeFly 757-300 Sky Service lease C-FLOX

ArkeFly 767-300 Black tail PH-MCV

ArkeFly 767-300 TUI hybrid PH-AHX

Denim Air F-28 PH-LNE

Dutchbird 320 PH-BMC

Dutch Military C-47 T-444 1/200 scale

Holland Excel 767-300 PH-AHQ

Jet Link Holland A300B4 PH-JLH

KLM 737-200 Martinair lease PH-TVX

KLM DC-4 Silver livery PH-TAP

Martinair 737-800 Miami Air lease N732MA

Martinair 767 Thank you Bedankt

Martinair DC-7 PH-DSO

Martinair DC-7 Red Cross Biafra Food relief livery PH-DSL 1/200 scale

Martinair F-28 PH-MAT

Netherlands Government Air Transport DC-4 NL-316

Netherlands Indies Government Air Transport DC-4 PK-DSB

Royal Netherlands Air Force C-130-300 G-275

Royal Netherlands Air Force G 550 V-II 1/200 scale

Schreiner Airways Cargo A300B4 PH-JLH

Schreiner Airways Cargo C-130 PH-RMH

Schreiner Airways Dash 8 PH-TTA 

Schreiner Spitfire Mk IX 1/72 scale

Transavia 310 LX-TXA

Transavia 737-200 PH-TVX

Transavia 737-800 Sun Country lease PH-HZV

Transavia 737-800 Basiqair PH-XRA

Transavia 737-800 livery PH-HZE

Transavia 737-800 Staatsloterij PH-HZU

Transavia 737-800 Staatsloterij Orange PH-HZS

Transavia 737-800 Staatsloterij Fish PH-HZS

Transavia 757-300 PH-TKD

Transavia 757-300 Condor hybrid D-ABOF

Transavia 757-300 World Cup livery PH-TKB

United Nations C-47 PHTCT 1/200 scale

V Bird 320 PH-BMC

V Bird 320 Silver livery PH-VAC, PH-VAD, PH-VAE


Tunisair 727-200 TS-JHN

United Kingdom

British Airways 747-400 Poppy G-CIVJ

United States

ABX Air Cargo 767-200 N742AX

ABX Air Cargo 767-300 N317CM

Amerijet Int'l 767-200 N743AX

Amerijet Int'l 767-300 N319CM

ATA American Trans Air L-1011 Pleasant Hawaiian Holidays N192AT

CAT 727-200 N1279E 1/200 scale

CAT 727-200 N1279E 1/400 scale

Charter America 727-100 N220NE

Colgan Air Saab 340 N249CJ 1/200 scale

Continental (Globe Tail) 737-300 N14341

Flying Tigers 747-100 Hawaiian Express hybrid N355AS

Flying Tigers 747-200 N748TA

Flying Tigers 747-200 Air Canada hybrid EI-BPH

Flying Tigers 747-300 Aerolineas Argentinas hybrid LV-MLO

Frontier A320 N201FR Moose livery

Interstate Electra L-188

MAS Air Cargo 767-300 N420LA

Midwest Airlines MD-88 N601ME 1/200 scale

Omni Air Express 727-100 N358QS

Ozark FH-227 N4218

PeoplExpress 747-200 EI-BPH

PSA Electra L-188

Tampa Cargo 767-200 N769QT, N770QT

Tampa Cargo 767-300 N771QT

USAF United States Air Force F-15 (landing gears added)

USAF United States Air Force F-16 (smallest model in 1/400 scale with landing gears added)

USPS 727-100 N727EV

USPS 727-200 N435EX

USPS 757-200 N001FW & N001DW (Fantasy models)


Avensa 727-100 YV-79C


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